In January 2017 OblinCEA in Myanmar was awarded three telecom contracts to provide complete end-to-end logistics and installation services for over 6,000 telecom towers.

The towers were installed all across Myanmar and were an integral part of the country’s digital transformation project to help reach the same level of digital communication as their ASEAN neighbours such as Thailand and Singapore.

Unloading at the CEA Warehouse, Yangon

The government of Myanmar at that time had pledged to install approximately 18,000 new telecom towers; OblinCEA would be responsible for 33% of this total. Due to the sheer amount of tower parts, OblinCEA used all five of their warehouses for storage. Three warehouses in central Yangon, and the two other warehouses in the Thilawa industrial zone 30KM south of Yangon.

OblinCEA Provided:

  • Import permits
  • Customs clearance
  • Incoming transportation
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Dispatch
  • Outgoing transportation

Project Details

Yangon, Myanmar
Thilawar, Myanmar

5,800 Towers
50,000 Steel bundles

Three Years

Contract Value
3,000,000 USD


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